The Role Of The Construction Industry Economics Essay

Our recent work was to compose a research on Construction in the GCC states, before and after the fiscal crisis that happened in 2008. We focused on economical factors impacting this service affecting consistence and truth, giving what we learned from the ‘Introduction to Economics ‘ class a batch of consideration. Therefore, we managed to carry on market research, interview to garner information sing the correlativities between market demands and houses ‘ supplies.

The mission of composing the research made us convey our ideas together to do it every bit simple as possible yet really comprehensive since we come from different Fieldss and had an acceptable old background in the building concern.

Unlike many other subjects, the demands for the building concern impose corresponding demands for a high grade of efficiency and quality.

We conclude that even if we could n’t hit the mark, we are pleased to take this class and research new information about Economics and how we can profit from it in our day-to-day life.


This paper is to analyze the function of the building industry in the economic system of the GCC.

As with other cost control methods confronting different subdivisions of the building concern, the pick of constructing a undertaking may be determined by the aims and variables of the market ‘s supply and demand though could take to doing determinations at the border.

Since the map of the aim is ever evaluated from the consequences of the fringy analysis, it would be possible to follow assorted fringy analysis methods.

By utilizing the appropriate and simplified methods, the job would be easy to cover with and determination would be made.On the other manus, it would let optimisation of the determination, hence minimising cost and avoiding any unwanted events.


In freshly developing states, the building sector can lend every bit much as 20 per cent to GDP because it accounts for a important sum of investing during a state ‘s development. As industrialization returns, mills, offices, substructure and houses are required and building end product as a per centum of GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) reaches a extremum. In other words, building is responsible for the end product of edifices and substructure upon which most other economic activities depend. ( Myers 2008 )

For illustration, on norm between 1981 and 2005, a 1 per cent addition in GDP growing was accompanied by a 2.3 per cent addition in entire building end product growing ( Deloitte 2006: 30 ) .

Myers ( 2008 ) correlates the relationship between a county ‘s building sector and its degree of GDP. He explains his logical thinking as the building industry involves the assembly of many different merchandises from a big figure of industrial sectors. Construction activities have far broader impacts than the chief functionary statistics imply. Of greater importance, nevertheless, is the fact that building provides the investing that underpins development, as it provides houses to populate in, edifices to work in and substructure to back up communicating and conveyance. In fact, several surveies have shown that the building industry has important linkages with other sectors of the economic system. Consequently, it has become common pattern to utilize the building industry as some sort of regulator for the overall economic system. ( 1 )

Since there is a high demand in the building sector caused by the roar in oil monetary values and as Oil grosss increased, GCC authoritiess started to diversify the economic system backed by huge oil-based militias and stimulation bundles. Attempts to keep a balanced and diversified economic base have remained the primary focal point of the regional authoritiess as evidenced by a steady watercourse of investings into building and substructure developments. ( Deloitte 2012 )

The impact was important since the building industry quickly expanded, heightening other sectors such as existent estate sector that attracted foreign investings, whether commercial or residential, educational, medical, fabrication, substructure every bit good as touristry by constructing cutting-edge and state-of-the-art belongingss, goods and services.

Construction companies exploit the state of affairs and make a market of their ain by farm outing some parts of their undertakings to little to medium endeavors to assist them with the completion of their undertakings on clip.

Construction in the GCC

GCC building market is really huge and accommodates tonss of undertakings in different sectors that include but non limited to, energy as in grapevines and oil and gas, substructure such as railroad, transit and roads betterments, new metropoliss as athleticss, racing, medical and industrial. Not to bury the enlargement and renovation of bing nautical metropoliss and havens, every bit good as air power metropoliss and airdromes.

Deloitte Ltd ( 2009 ) , released a survey about the building sector in the GCC comparing about the value of undertakings between the states, that ranked United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as the largest Spenders severally.

Figure 1 shows the industry size of the GCC part, and how the building industry contributes to the GDP growing of each state.

Indicative development over clip for each state, have UAE and Qatar at the top of the list, as shown in Figure 2.

Deloitte ( 2009 ) gives information about values of undertakings planned or underway in the GCC part varies from one state to another, as UAE and Saudi Arabia being the largest Spenders severally. UAE has the king of beasts ‘s portion of disbursement, as it plans to pass over US $ 900 Billion in the building of many undertakings, such as conveyance, edifice, substructure, energy and public-service corporation, every bit good as oil and gas. Saudi Arabia comes as the 2nd largest Spender, seting attempt into the building and development of many sectors really similar to UAE.

Figure – 3 shows a comparing of the building contracts awarded in the GCC between first one-fourth of 2010 and the first one-fourth of 2011, as the GCC Governments directed their involvements into the building and development of the substructure.

As of September 2011, the figure shows the per centum of undertakings planned or underway in the GCC and as mentioned earlier UAE and Saudi Arabia has the king of beasts ‘s portion.

Table – 1 shows the value of undertakings planned or under manner in the GCC, and it is really clear that the focal point is chiefly on the building and development of airdromes and havens, every bit good as energy and existent estate.


In order to specify catching, we foremost have to specify what a contract stands for. Harmonizing to Oxford dictionary a Contract /E?kEā€™ntrakt/ is “ a written or spoken understanding, particularly one refering employment, gross revenues, or occupancy, that is intended to be enforceable by jurisprudence. ”

Therefore, Contracting based on concern lexicon is “ a method in which the client ( client or undertaking proprietor ) selects professional service suppliers ( such as designers and applied scientists ) for the design work and so invites commands for building work. ”

Because many of the local and domestic building companies do non hold the expertness nor the background in constructing certain undertakings, such as High-rises, Airports, Seaports, and Hospitals, etc. They have to organize a alliance with foreign companies who have the expertness and had built assorted undertakings in the yesteryear.

That alliance would be called a “ Joint Venture ” . Harmonizing to UAE Commercial Companies Law “ A joint venture is a contract understanding between a UAE party and a foreign party for the battle in a coveted concern. The local party in the joint venture must hold at least 51 % of the company, while the net income and loss distribution can be prescribed. There is no demand to licence the joint venture or print the understanding. The foreign spouse trades with 3rd parties under the name of the local spouse who ( unless the understanding is publicized ) bears all liability. ”

Competitive market

Hubbard ( 2011 ) identifies competitory market as “ a market that meets the conditions of ( 1 ) many purchasers and Sellerss, ( 2 ) all houses selling indistinguishable merchandises, and ( 3 ) no barriers to new houses come ining the market ” .

The UAE building industry is a competitory market, as Oryx Middle East Group released statistics of market portions in the building industry in December 2007 that displayed a image of the prima houses involved in undertaking activity. There were about 18 organisations that control 48 % of the market portion. The top five companies account for 25 % of the market and 11 more for 1 % to 2 % of the market. It is assumed that the staying 52 % are covering with smaller graduated table undertakings.

The emergent nature of the market and the division into strategic groups were the two major causes of this big spectrum of participants, which increases the competition by sectioning the industry into sub-industries, where smaller participants can easy happen a topographic point.

Oryx Group described this type of market as a competitory and disconnected market.

UAE federal authoritiess rely to a great extent on the building sector, since it contributes to the economic growing. Dubai Chamber of Commerce stated that “ building sector as a per centum of GDP of the UAE reached 10.6 % in 2008 and 10.3 % in 2011 while for 2015 and 2021 the sector ‘s part as a per centum of UAE GDP is projected to enter 11.1 % and 11.5 % severally ( Figure 1 ) ” .


Subcontracting definition harmonizing to Oxford lexicon is: “ use a concern or individual outside one ‘s company to make ( work ) as portion of a larger undertaking. ”

Subcontracting evolved from individual seller with a individual service to many sellers with complex agreements. The subcontracting was developed after that into a set of interrelatedness activities that come in order to carry through the program. For illustration, after the foundation is made ready and pillars are built, the cement ceiling company is called to execute the cement pouring occupation to construct the ceiling.

The constituent to be subcontracted or outsourced is the 1 that has the minimal fringy cost.

If the services can non be increased for any ground, say because of the high demand, so a subcontract with independent resources might be made for executing services.

The determination to outsource or farm out is finally an chance cost, because a house has to give up something in order to derive some net income.

Subcontracting normally consequences in salvaging on fixed costs. Therefore, companies will hold trim capacity, and this capacity could be productively used to transport out other undertakings or activities.

Harmonizing to Investopedia, “ Subcontracting is really utile in state of affairss where the scope of needed capablenesss for a undertaking is excessively diverse to be possessed by a individual general contractor. In such instances, farm outing parts of the undertaking that do non organize the general contractor ‘s nucleus competences may help in maintaining costs under control and extenuate overall undertaking hazard. ”

Demand in the Construction Industry

As the building demand increases in one state, there are other things that accompany the demand and drive it frontward.

For illustration, the UAE market can suit 1000000s of people, which most of them are exiles. When they came to UAE the demand started in footings of houses to lease to populate in, Industrial and Commercial edifices to lease in order to get down their concerns and sell their merchandises and services. There was a high demand in the substructure and public sector in footings of transit and public-service corporations, every bit good as the high demand on the care and fix.

Figure 1 which is the round flow diagram, shows the relationship between families and houses, and the consequence of that relationship on the market.

Figure – Round Flow Diagram ( Myers 2008 )

Demand for Housing

A big bulk of families in the GCC, whether locals or exiles, were driven to take part in the roar that resulted from the addition in Oil monetary values, as Banks and Financing companies offered to finance existent estate belongingss at really low involvement rates which was really alluring. Each family required some sort of shelter, whether to populate in or to put in as rental.

The demand was high specially for the freshly built units, and as new belongingss are supplied and ready to be used to travel in, the monetary values even went higher since people can non burden for other belongingss that are still being built to complete and come in the market.

The figure below explains the relationship between monetary value and measure.

Figure – Demand Curve ( Adapted from Construction Economics )

Demand for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

The commercial and industrial sectors demand a whole scope of edifices, including offices, stores, hotels, mills, warehouses, and garages. However, Commercial and Industrial edifices are non required as assets, but for the services they provide.

The demand for a commercial or an industrial edifice is based on factors related to the sector in which the edifice will be used. Demand of this type is known as derived demand.

Derived demand implies that edifices are rented or purchased because they can be used to bring forth goods or services that can be sold at a net income.

Therefore, the demand on industrial and commercial edifice depends on the outlook that the houses will do net incomes in the hereafter.

The factors impacting demand for industrial and commercial edifices are associated with the province of the economic system, every bit good as concern outlooks refering end product and net income.


Demand for Infrastructure and Community Facilities

Due to the high demands for major building undertakings in the GCC, there are besides other demands for major substructure undertakings that must function the increasing figure of population in footings of working exiles or tourers such as infirmaries and schools, roads, tunnels and Bridgess.

These demands are created by big Numberss of persons, who are non able to construct or lend in the building of the coveted installation.

In these instances, the authorities decides the degree of service that should be available. However, some of the substructure undertakings such as schools and infirmaries are financed by the private sector, which are categorized as private schools or infirmaries.

The demand for these merchandises is derived. For illustration, as in the UAE recent main road building has taken topographic point alongside the development of new metropoliss in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where it contributed to the altering life styles and the rapid economic growing of both Emirates.

Community oriented installations can be judged on the same footing as industrial and commercial edifices. As for the GCC, such undertakings are entirely controlled by the authorities where it provides and allocates resources and support required for the building of these undertakings.