The Search For Identity In Mexican Enough English Literature Essay

Giving a definition of Identity is easy ; we can set in words what individuality is. And, we can besides compose about individuality but, happening our individuality is non easy. Harmonizing to an article, we have to: “ Listen to our intestine, Stay in touch with our dreams and ends, show our true emotions, take our activities carefully and take hazards. “ 3

First, what is listening to our intestine? It is to cognize what we want and seting aside what other people think about it. Second, stay in touch with our dreams or ends. How many of us still retrieve or believe about our childhood dreams? How many of us still think about being spacemans or terpsichoreans? I think this is one of the most hard stairss and it is really near to the first 1 because there are many things we do non make because we care excessively much about what other people think. So, most of our dreams are forgotten because we are afraid of what people will believe about them.

Third, express our emotions. We have to demo our feelings, people must cognize if something they say or do makes us experience sad or happy. We have to show everything, the things we like, things we do non like and even what we feel for person. Fourth, take our activities carefully, how many of us have done activities that we did non even like? We have to choose our activities and we have to do merely the 1s we are happy with. Finally, take hazard. As the popular phrase say: “ do non repent what you do, repent what you did non make ” How are we traveling to cognize the effects, positives or negatives, of something if we do non make it. We have to give us the chance of doing errors.

These five stairss will take us to happen our individuality. They will assist us to cognize who we are. In the book Mexican Enough the supporter and writer Stephanie Elizondo lives a changeless hunt of her individuality. At the beginning of her book she makes a determination, she was merely a kid and she had to happen her individuality “ Our reading category had excessively many pupils, our instructor announced, and needed to be split in two, One by one, she started directing the majority of the Mexican childs to one side of the room and the white childs to the other. When she got to me, she peered over rims of her spectacless. What are you Stephanie? Hispanic or White? ” 4

Stephanie did non read the article about individuality ; it is likely that she had non known about individuality, but she made a determination, “ I am Latino ” 5 she said. This speedy determination was non easy and it was non right. Then, she realized that she was non Mexican plenty and being with the Hispanics means being excessively Mexican. So, she went back with the Whites. But she did non experience she was wholly into the white ‘s universe. “ I frequently wondered when their primos would split onto the scene in their lowriders. And how come cipher of all time ate barbacoa or cracked pinatas or shopped for empanadas at HEB? “ 6

Then, when she was in her senior twelvemonth in high school she switched back to being Mexican. She started having chances for schools and scholarships because she was Latino. But, she felt a small guilty about it. She did non experience into the Hispanic universe either. “ Guilt overwhelmed me. Should I give back the money I received? Transfer to a cheaper school? Or seek to go that H emblazoned across my transcripts? “ 7 From that clip, Stephanie started the expression of her Identity.

The first thing she noticed was that she can non talk Spanish as a Hispanic. That made her feel bad and concern. She used to state: “ If I merely spoke Spanish, I would be more Mexican. “ 8 So, after this she decided to travel to Mexico. Stephanie spent one twelvemonth in Mexico. The first things she learned were the different significances that words have in Mexico, the actual significance and the “ Mexican significance ” She besides learned all about the civilization, luchas, nutrient, flojera etc. When she was in Mexico she was populating as a Mexican adult female. She made some research about out-migration and prairie wolfs. She interviewed Mexican people. She had Mexican friends and she could be known as a Mexican adult female. But she had non felt Mexican yet. “ But I can non assist inquiring when this Mexification procedure will stop. I have already learned the linguistic communication, traveled the land. Must I now take cooking lessons? Enroll in Ballet Folklorico? Will I of all time be Mexican plenty? “ 9

At the terminal of the book, Stephanie makes a deep analyze of her life and her heritage. Even she spent a twelvemonth in Mexico and she has a Mexican heritage, she realizes that she has a white heritage every bit good. “ While my audacious abuelita Ramona was weathering the Rio Grande, my entrepreneurial Grandma Madge and her two sisters ran their ain beefburger articulation during the war, back uping their households and female parent. There is a history, civilization, and individuality on either side of my heritage. It is clip to encompass each. “ 10

After a whole twelvemonth in Mexico, after populating together with Mexicans an Whites she concludes that she is non excessively Mexican but she is non excessively white either. She finds her individuality in both sides of her heritage, she is biracial. She identifies herself with both sides, and she is happy with both of them.

In the book The Underdogs by Mariano Azuela, there are some peculiar characters that are seeking to happen their individuality excessively, the Adelitas. What is an Adelita? They are the adult females that participated in the Mexican Revolution, they did non hold a specific function in the revolution, and some of them played the function of nurses, cocottes or soldiers. Most of them were following a adult male and others were because they did non cognize what else to make. Furthermore, in the Mexican Revolution clip, adult females were merely an instrument to feed work forces and to do kids. “ Hey, there, adult female: we want nutrient! Give us eggs, milk, beans, anything you ‘ve got! We ‘re hungering! “ 11

But, in the book there are two misss, the typical adelitas, La pintada and Camila. Camila follows the revolutionists because she is in love with Luis Cervantes, and La pintada follows the revolutionists because she is in love with the guero. When these two misss are with the revolutionists they do non truly cognize themselves. Camila is wholly in love, even when she knows that Luis does non love her she follows him. At the beginning when Luis Cervantes goes off and lets her, she is non happy, and she calls and calls. Then she goes with the revolutionists but she is non happy either. Luis does non love her and she is non happy with Demetrio ‘s attitude. At the terminal La Pintada kills her and she dies without happening her individuality, and love.

What happens to La Pintada is really similar, she follows the revolutionists as good, but non because she was contending for the freedom like the others it was for a adult male who was non in love with her. When she kills Camila he does non even defends her. Both state of affairss makes us inquire what go on with these two misss, they are in topographic point that does non makes them happy, they are following two work forces that do non love them and of class they do non hold regard for themselves. They have non found their individuality, they have non found ends, and they do non show their emotions. And for both of them the terminal is the same, a tragic stoping.

If we compare the adelitas and Stephanie we can see both sides of the individuality, Stephanie finds her individuality and lives with it. She accepts who she is, she lives her life being herself and non seeking to be person else and of class she respects herself. On the other manus La pintada and Camila do non cognize who they are, they live things they do non wish and at the terminal they are ne’er happy. That is why it is of import to happen our individuality, and live with it, accept it and hold a happy life.