The Story Of The Lost Phoebe English Literature Essay

In the narrative of The Lost Phoebe, Theodore Dreiser writes a narrative about a adult male and his married woman. Dreiser tells so much about the adult male ‘s childhood and early maturity because he was demoing the reader how Henry Reifsneider was doomed to endure in isolation at the terminal of his life. The adult male, Henry Reifsneider, had lived with person all his life. He lived with his parents until he fell in love. When Henry fell in love, and decided to acquire married, his parents invited his bride-to-be to populate with him. Henry married Phoebe when he was merely twenty-one old ages old and.had been married for 48 old ages. He besides continued to populate with his parents until they passed off ten old ages after his matrimony to Phoebe. Their decease likely would hold been the first clip that he had to cover with the thought of people, in which he cared a great trade for, go forthing his life everlastingly. Dreiser does non advert anything about other people, such as grandparents so it would be unknown to the reader if he of all time knew them. He lived with Phoebe for 48 old ages until her decease, this was, likely the worst adieu this adult male had of all time had to digest.

Forty eight old ages of matrimony yielded seven kids. Three of his kids had passed off, farther puting the scene for this hapless adult male ‘s isolation. The remainder of these kids had moved off to other metropoliss, some other provinces. It seems as if there was no clip in his life that he was alonea╦ć┬Žuntil the decease of his married woman.

Phoebe became ill when she was 64 old ages old. The disease she came down with might hold been curable if it was non for her age. He followed her organic structure to her resting topographic point consumed with heartache and unsure as to what he should make next, or what the remainder of his yearss would convey. Even though his kids and friends asked him to come and remain with him and allow them take attention of him, he was so set in his ways that he would non make bold to stir. The following twosome of months were spent brooding on her decease. He will non go forth his place and could non care less if there were visitants to the place. He knows that it will shortly be his bend to decease and it seems, to me anyhow, that he welcomed decease. He could once more be with his love merely if he passed off. Henry bit by bit started to set his married woman ‘s things off, but five months after her decease a alteration had begun in him and his isolation had gotten the better of him. Late one dark, after a peculiarly ungratified dark, forms in his house began to take the form of his married woman. Of class, when he went to “ her ” he found that it was all in his imaginativeness. Shortly, he thought he saw her in the pace.

When his Phoebe was alive he would impeach her of traveling his things. She would ever hold the same come back of stating him that if he continued to impeach her of these things that she was traveling to go forth him. She would besides claim that he would ne’er happen her if she did make up one’s mind to go forth. It did non take long for his muss up mind to believe that she had, in fact, made good on his promises. Since he had packed up some of her things, it gave his dementedness the concluding it needed to back up his claim. In his head, he had non packed her things off, she had packed her things.

The first topographic point he went to look for his married woman was at her friend ‘s house, Mrs. Race. He told her friend that he and his Phoebe had gotten in an statement and had left in the center of the dark. She, of class, realizes, that he has lost his head without his beloved Phoebe and attempts to travel along with his mad phantasy, so that she could maintain him at that place until person could acquire at that place to assist this hapless adult male. He would non remain any longer. He was a adult male on a mission ; he would happen her and convey her place. He walked around all twenty-four hours inquiring anyone who would listen if they had seen his married woman and stating them the same narrative. Person did name the governments, but the governments dismissed him as being a harmless old adult male, who would be in less danger to himself if they had left him to walk the stat mis he did of all time twenty-four hours than if they put him in some kind of infirmary or nursing place. Most of the county knew who he was and pitied him. His neighbours would make their best to take attention of him, feed him and whatever they can make for him.

As the old ages go by, Henry loses his head more and more. Dreiser skips in front three old ages. In this three old ages Henry has spent the full twenty-four hours, every twenty-four hours walking stat mis and stat mis looking for his dead married woman. His head is so gone that he believes that she left him on intent while everyone else knows his married woman, Phoebe is dead. If he could merely happen her he believes he could convert her to come place. No 1 knows how he handled the cold conditions, the rain, or other rough conditions. I suppose his love for his married woman and hope that he would happen out where she had gone would hold carried him through the bad conditions or it could hold been portion of his mental unwellness.

In the terminal the apathetic positions of Henry Reifsneider cost Henry his life. One dark the old adult male thought he saw his married woman. She looked as she was 50 five old ages earlier. He had walked off a drop and was found laying at the underside with a smiling on his face. He had found his lost Phoebe, as he had promised her he would make if she of all time left him.

The narrative of The Lost Phoebe is a perfect illustration of the new thoughts in psychological science that influenced the Modernist motion. Theodore Dreiser was interested in the helter-skelter position of adult male and it genuinely shows in this narrative.