The Survival Of The Fittest English Literature Essay

“ Survival of the Fittest ” merely might every bit good be the rubric of this short narrative. Merely the strongest will last is Charles Darwin ‘s theory of “ Survival of the Fittest ” ( Puchalik ) . This theory is briefly paralleled in Jack London ‘s “ To Construct a Fire ” ( Puchalick ) . A adult male ‘s trip into the Northern Wilderness, the Yukon Trail, faces a series of hard challenges as he progresses on the trail. However, haughtiness will be the adult male ‘s fatal ruin when he faces these predicting challenges. In London ‘s “ To Construct a Fire ” , the storyteller ‘s description of haughtiness is demonstrated through the conjoined usage of scene, character, and secret plan to proclaim that haughtiness can take to catastrophe.

In “ To Construct a Fire, ” Jack London uses a varied sum of inside informations in the scene to exemplify the earnestness of the chief character ‘s state of affairs. The narrative is a elaborate description of the dangers of terrible cold and the phases involved in the procedure of stop deading to decease. The chief character, the adult male, in “ To Construct a Fire ” is a really chesty individual who believed in his ain capablenesss to manage anything that came at him and took everything at face value. He did n’t analyse and study the country over every item which caused him to supervise many of import things throughout the narrative. He decidedly was non one of those people that are really analytic and his constructs were rooted in the touchable universe and non in the surreal.

The badness of the adult male ‘s state of affairs is to the full demonstrated and established through London ‘s descriptions of the landscape, intense cold, ice, and snow. The tallness of London ‘s descriptive portraiture is the narrative ‘s concise illustration of the intense cold of the winter that the adult male is going through. The description of the Yukon Trail gets more into deepness with descriptions ; such as, London ‘s description of the adult male expectoration, “ crisp, explosive crackling ” ( Burdick 14 ) is go oning in the center of the air before the adult male ‘s tongue could even hit the land is merely an illustration of how barbarous the cold was and what the adult male was going through. The frozen wet of air that the adult male is take a breathing formed the ice on his face fungus and moustache ( Kreidler ) . For illustration, “ crystal face fungus of the colour and solidness of gold ” ( Burdick 15 ) transpired when the adult male chews baccy and the speed in which the adult male ‘s limbs become asleep and unserviceable are more exemplifying illustrations of London ‘s history of the cold. The journey through the unbroken white “ North and south, every bit far as the oculus could see ” ( Burdick13 ) was another graphic history of the fantastic usage of puting in this narrative. Without a ground to doubt, the thought of a universe of ice is a immense factor in the illustriousness of this narrative merely to be undermined by London ‘s really descriptive word picture of the adult male ‘s decease. This is depicted in item throughout the farther on into the narrative. The unreliable environment of the Yukon, to the adult male, is merely an obstruction that could easy be conquered with the cognition of your milieus and an chesty attitude, but it is really the executioner. The fright of falling in the H2O, and this thought kept running through his caput “ one time in a while the idea reiterated itself that it was really cold and had ne’er experience such cold ” ( Kreidler ) , the alleviation when the fire is built, and the horror when it is put out are all state of affairss that builds tenseness of the narrative and the adult male ‘s haughtiness is truly get downing to acquire him in serious problem. The terror when he is unable to construct another fire and the climatic terminal that is bound to go on are more wholly realized when the adult male is unable to illume a lucifer ( Bloom ) . The haste through the snow, so going exhausted and non being able to maintain up the running, and the, the thought to kill his Canis familiaris, but non able to hold on his knife, to utilize its organic structure as heat. Once he knew that the terminal was near, the adult male laid down to encompass decease that was coming to him ( Bloom ) . These are all farther exemplifying inside informations of the mental interruption down of the adult male ‘s character and how his chesty mentality has brought him to his terminal.

The haughtiness of the adult male has now been to the full recognized by him and he thinks of “ run intoing decease with self-respect ” ( Burdick 27 ) and this is the concluding phase to the adult male ‘s realisation that he was to decease. The construct to “ kip off to decease ” ( Burdick 27 ) and his statement, “ Freezing was non so bad as people thought. There were tonss worse ways to decease. ” is another measure towards the at hand decision that we had all suspected when the fire was forcefully put out. The scene and his character is moreover developed by these assorted histories and the ferociousness of the terrible winters in the Yukon Trail are even more accomplished.

In decision, London ‘s scene within the unemotional Yukon is both descriptive and energetic. The major job of the narrative takes topographic point after the fire is put out, taking to the flood tide of the narrative when the adult male begins his realisation that decease had found him and was non traveling to travel off. In this manner, London uses puting, secret plan, and character to demo the extent of the adult male ‘s state of affairs and the decease that will certainly come if you underestimate it and non look at it with an unfastened head. The challenges of the narrative, the terrible cold, and the adult male ‘s concluding decease all happened because the adult male did non maintain an unfastened head.