The the scriptures however he explained them

The images of Jesus created in the gospel form the basis of Christian beliefs. The focus of Jesus’ teachings was the reign of the kingdom of God, which envisions a world that realises God’s value of love, justice, peace, tolerance, and cooperation. Jesus sought to teach people how this vision could be fulfilled and how through following these principals Christian’s can transcend in all aspects of their lives. His teachings were based on the scriptures however he explained them practically so that they were relevant and meaningful to his followers. Themes of unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy and charity are found in Jesus teachings and he always practiced what he preached. For example, in the healing of the two blind men in Matthew 9:27-31 Jesus shows mercy and compassion to the afflicted men and heals them. Jesus taught that forgiveness is central to humans relationship with God. The ultimate example of Jesus’ unconditional love was his suffering and death on the cross so that all mankind may be saved, in Luke 23:34 Jesus says, “Father forgive them; for they know not what they do”. He asked for the forgiveness of his executioners and in this way, Christians are encouraged to be as loving and forgiving as Jesus.