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There are many possible impacts of a helping relationship coming to an end, by the very nature of the relationship in itself been one of deep emotional understanding, the ending of such a meaningful bond can be very difficult for both the counselled and counsellor.
Clients may try to put off the inevitable end by missing the last meeting or try to prolong the therapy by missing appointments beforehand.
During the relationship a dependency may well have arisen with such feelings been openly discussed between both client and counsellor on such an emotional level.
Possible impacts may be apparent and some may not, one of the aspects not so apparent may lie with the ability of the client to face such endings as their own experiences of endings maybe much deeper and uncover and bring to the surface feelings of anxiety, issues of abandonment even anger towards the counsellor, due to circumstances like a death of someone close and other events in their earlier lives that may have impacted on their ability to move forward in uncertain circumstances, these feelings may not surface until the time limits of the therapy are drawing to conclusion and it is a time for great sensitivity and understanding.
With the support of a client in mind it may be appropriate that the client receives as discussed and agreed in boundaries, a phone call or email, in the case of missed appointments or by agreeing extra some sessions if the counsellor has become aware of the issues as the relationship has unfolded, other options are to leave the door open and assure the client that they will be helped further to address such issues