This carriers had an incredible impact in

This section pretends to discuss the HR issue in which Ryanair has been involved over summer 2018: employment practices including strikes due to disagreements over pay and working conditions after Ryanair approved trade unions for the first time on its history in December 2017 (Faragher, 2018).
Briefly description of the company
Ryanair is a low-cost European airline company born in Ireland and created by the family Ryan in 1985. Its first operations comprised a daily route from southeast Ireland to London Gatwick in an aircraft of just 15 sits and with just 25 employees. Ryanair´s flights and passengers were rapidly increasing along the years but it was in 1996 when the introduction of low cost carriers had an incredible impact in the air transport industry. Following the strategic of the low cost airline Southwest Airlines -created in United States at the beginning of 1970 (O´Leary, 2013)- the phenomenon expanded worldwide. Nowadays, Ryanair is one of the most largest and successful low cost organisation across Europe, transporting more than 130 million passengers per year in more than 2000 daily flights between 86 bases connected by 215 destinations in 37 European countries and using 400 aircraft Boeing 737. Ryanair expectations aim to increase 240 more aircrafts allowing the company to reduce costs on its flights and increasing up to 200 million its passengers per year (Ryanair, 2018).