Thomas, about the project, and Thomas picked

Thomas, Adam, Melisa, Frank are sitting at the art table with their “teacher.” They are doing the art project for the number they learned in the previous class. The teacher tells them they would be cutting the number and would use glue and sunflower seeds to do a project. The teacher gave them clear instructions about the project, and Thomas picked six sunflower seeds and started counting the seeds? Teacher asks him what you should place here where it shows 1 figure he said one it went on until they reached six. Once he finished, he sat next to the teacher and waited for her instructions. Adam said I want to do it and the teacher told him to sit and wait until Frank finishes. Adam started crying and pushed the glue and seeds aside and screamed aloud at the teacher it’s my turn now! The teacher gave him warning that if he continues to do this, he will get a timeout. On another side, the teacher is working with Melisa, and she asked the teacher what she should do? Why are we doing this? When a teacher is showing the project, she started playing with the glue when she told to her start counting, and she began counting in her language then started gluing the seeds to six. The teacher turns to the three boys. “You’ve all done very well. I’m going to hold onto these, and now it’s time to clean up and get ready to go outside.” They all put the crayon and glue away, and they leave the table.