Too there. He probably crushed it just

Too Far
It was a Sunday afternoon, and Curley was playing horseshoes out with them other farm workers. I wanted to get away from that blasted Curley. He never let me talk to anyone, not anyone on the farm. Not only that, he won’t even treat me like I’m his wife, barely even talkin’ to me unless he had a hateful thing to say. I’m tired of life on this farm.
I found Lennie playin’ with his pup in the last stall in the barn. It was dead when I got there. He probably crushed it just like he did with Curley’s hand. They must think I’m stupid or somethin’-obviously it was Lennie who crushed ‘is hand. Lennie’s too strong for his own good. For some reason, George doesn’t want me to talk to Lennie. Well, I don’t think I’m any harm