True Nature And Personality Of The Creature Frankenstein English Literature Essay

The animal experiences many rejections from society, the first clip he was rejected was by his ain Godhead himself, he was so rejected a 2nd clip in the wood where he meets a provincial or when he enter the villagers and the “ kids shrieked, and one of the adult females fainted ” or when he tries to salvage a miss from submerging the small towns throw stones at him ( “ I had saved a human being from devastation, and, as recompense, I now writhed under the suffering hurting of a lesion, which shattered the flesh and bone. ” . It seems that the animal fate is to be lonely and guilty due to his visual aspect and to the decease he has caused. The animal prefers to remain off from people because everyone he met either attacked him or fled off. The monster discovers throw his contemplation that is was ugly and understands the reaction of the human. “ Quote ” . The monster admires the De lacey household, as he does non hold one. It feels the demand to hold a household, he sees how the Felix fiance got accepted in the household and how Felix taught her to read.Furthermore the animal is impressed of the household ‘s benevolent act for salvaging Safies male parent from prison from a decease sentence. The animal in his bend feels that he can make the same, that why he voluntarily helps the household. At the get downing the animal had had a good bosom and was prepared to assist human existences. The animal anonymously help the household as this makes him experience good. The monster learnt reading and music through the De Lacy household ; he noticed that it made the household more happy and cheerful. Music and reading besides stimulates the animal ‘s emotional reaction to happiness. The animal attempts to pass on with Mr. de lacy ; the blind adult male.

The animal after so many rejections still accepts to assist human being-the beginning of his sadness. After salvaging the miss from submerging, her male parent attacks the animal thought that he was harming his girl. The animal caused fear to a few of the villagers and they threw “ some kind of missiles. ”

The animal wants Frankenstein to make a female for him as it does non desire to populate his life entirely. The animal swears to conceal in the Amazon forest off from society with his mate. He besides promises non to harm anyone else. “ You must make a female for me with whom I can populate in the interchange of those understandings necessary for my being. This you entirely can make and I demand it of you as a right which you must non decline to profess. ” Subsequently on Frankenstein decides to rupture apart the female monster as a consequence of guilt. he believes that by making a female animal, he would be reproducing a new species if the two mated together, Frankenstein besides is non so certain how the female would respond as merely like the original monster she would be independent. Frankenstein decides to destruct the animal ‘s last hopes of holding a comrade and non be in a painful purdah. “ You have destroyed the work which you beganaˆ¦I have endured incalculable weariness, and cold, and hungriness ; make you make bold destruct my hopes? ” The animal vows to take retaliation on Frankenstein for destructing his last hopes. The animal decides to kill the loved 1s of his Godhead so that in the terminal Frankenstein becomes every bit suffering as the animal. Frankenstein feels responsible and guilty for the decease of his darling 1s, as he is the 1 who ” gave birth ” to that animal.

Behind that atrocious figure of the monster is an guiltless kid ‘s head. When the animal was “ born ” , it was guiltless and harmless. Regardless to his rejection by Frankenstein, he still seeks company with worlds. At first his lone purpose was to be accepted by society but it turned out to be a entire failure. First the animal was merely seeking company from the human, but everyone ( except Mr. de lacey ) he approached fled off from him. The monster ‘s 2nd desire was to hold a female mate from Frankenstein, but this desire could besides non be fulfilled as Frankenstein destroyed it.He was rejected by most of the people he met, the animal sought a mate from Frankenstein but at the terminal it was destroyed.

“ Still I desired love and family ”

At the terminal the monster was still lonely and isolated as he was at the beginning. We learn that his concluding desire was to hold an anon. decease ; go forthing no hints of his being. He realizes and understands that he can non organize portion of the human society because of his hideousness even thought he is at clip soft and caring. The guiltless animal turned into this cruel monster because worlds were really prejudice. “ Prejudice comes about non because of the fright of the unknown, but instead of a misperception of how the unknown will impact an person or society. ”