What Does Color Represent English Literature Essay

At the bosom of every prism lies a spectrum, a kind of mini rainbow.Passing through the prism, the Sun rays uncover the order of the seven original colourss that together, do up white visible radiation. Color is a great design component. Color is the consequence on something ‘s visual aspect of the manner it reflects light. It can besides be called as a by-product of spectrum and of class it ‘s a great design component.

Color is a map where visible radiation and biological science comes into drama. Light beams reflected from any object we look at enter the oculus and are focused by the oculus ‘s optical constructions: cornea, flag, student, and lens. The concluding finish of the light beams is the retina. The retina is made up of two types of cells: cones and rods. Cones are nerve cells that are sensitive to light, item, and colour.

Cones besides produce the esthesis we call colour. Cones contain three different pigments, which respond either to blue, ruddy, or green wavelengths of visible radiation. Cones mix the colour signals to bring forth the assortment of colourss we see

Colorss is divided into three parts

Primary Colorss

Secondary Colorss

Third colourss

Primary Colors

The three chief colourss of colour wheel are primary colourss.

The primary colourss are RED, BLUE and YELLOW. These colourss are the origin colourss from which other colour are built.

Secondary COLORS

The three colourss VIOLET, ORANGE and GREEN are the secondary colourss which are obtained by blending primary colourss.

Tertiary Colors

The six colourss which are created by blending primary and secondary are called third colourss.

The colourss are








Red is colour which is vivacious and full of energy hot. It ‘s a strong colour that conjures up a scope of apparently conflicting emotions from passionate love to force and warfare. Red is Cupid and the Devil.

Nature of Red:

A stimulation, ruddy is the hottest of the WARM COLORS. Studies show that ruddy can hold a physical consequence, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood force per unit area.

The look seeing ruddy indicates anger and may stem non merely from the stimulation of the colour but from the natural flower ( inflammation ) of the cheeks, a physical reaction to anger, increased blood force per unit area, or physical effort.

Culture of Red:

Red is power, therefore the ruddy power tie for concern people and the ruddy rug for famous persons and VIPs ( really of import people )

Flashing ruddy visible radiations denote danger or exigency. Stop marks and halt visible radiations are red to acquire the drivers ‘ attending and alarm them to the dangers of the intersection.

In some civilizations, ruddy denotes pureness, joy, and jubilation. Red is the colour of felicity and prosperity in China and may be used to pull good fortune.

Exploitation Red:

Use the colour red to catch attending and to acquire people to take action. Use red when you do n’t desire to drop into the background. Use ruddy to propose velocity combined with assurance and possibly even a elan of danger. A small spot of ruddy goes a long manner. Small doses can frequently be more effectual than big sums of this strong colour. Multiple sunglassess of ruddy and even tap or orange can unite for a cheerful pallet.

Good red

Red missive twenty-four hours – of import or important juncture

Red rug intervention – make person feel particular, handle them as if they are a famous person

Axial rotation out the ruddy rug – same as above

Red sky in the forenoon, crewman ‘s warning ; ruddy sky at dark, crewman ‘s delight – wage attending to good and bad warning marks

Paint the town ruddy – celebrate, travel out partying

Red oculus – an nightlong flight

Bad red

Sing ruddy – to be angry

Red herring – something that deceives or distracts attending from the truth


Yellow is colour which shows sunlight. It is a warm colour that, like ruddy, has conflicting symbolism. On the one manus it denotes happiness and joy but on the other manus yellow is the colour of cowardliness and fraudulence. Yellow is one of the warm colourss. Because of the high visibleness of bright yellow, it is frequently used for jeopardy marks and some exigency vehicles. Yellow is a colour which can do people cheerful. Yellow is a cheerful colour. Yellow is used for jeopardy marks creates an association between xanthous and danger, although non rather every bit unsafe as ruddy. Yellow is a primary colour so it can fit with any colour and it frequently works with other comrade colourss.

Yellow is a amusing colour. This colour has no logic in it, its emotional, pure, happy, harmless, etc… .

Yellow is for mourning in Egypt and histrions of the Middle Ages wore xanthous to mean the dead. Yet xanthous has besides represented bravery ( Japan ) , merchandisers ( India ) , and peace.

Yellow colour activates memory and mentally stimulates nervous system. The people who like xanthous colour largely are interested in surveies.

Yellow Ribbon shows hope and support. If person is xanthous it means they are a coward so xanthous can hold a negative significance in some civilizations. For old ages xanthous threads were worn as a mark of hope as adult females waited from their work forces to come processing place from war. Today, they are still used to welcome place loved 1s. Its usage for jeopardy marks creates an association between xanthous and danger, although non rather every bit unsafe as ruddy.

Good yellow

Yellow thread – hope, support, recollection

Mellow yellow – laid back, relaxation

Bad yellow

Yellow or Yellow run or Chicken – cowardliness or coward.

Yellow news media – irresponsible coverage.


Blue is a cool colour. This colour makes the individual experience his head bright and composure specially for male childs. Blue is quieting. It can be strong and steadfast or visible radiation and friendly. Almost everyone likes some shadiness of the colour blue.

Nature of Blue:

A natural colour, from the blue of the sky, blue is a cosmopolitan colour. The cool, quieting consequence of bluish makes clip base on balls more rapidly and it can assist you kip. Blue is a good colour for sleeping rooms. However, excessively much blue could stifle liquors. Its a refreshing colour.

Culture of Blue:

In many diverse civilizations blue is important in spiritual beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to maintain the bad spirits off.

A deep royal blue or cerulean conveys profusion and possibly even a touch of high quality. suggest Springtime while deep blue is a colder conditions colour. Make a conservative but sophisticated expression with elusive contrast by uniting visible radiation and dark sunglassess of blue.

In Iran, blue is the colour of mourning while in the West the something bluish nuptial tradition represents love.

Good blue

True blue – person loyal and faithful

Out of the bluish – unexpected ( could be positive or negative )

Blue thread – first rate, top award

Blueblood – individual of baronial birth, royalty

Bluestocking – well-read or scholarly adult female

Bluebook – registry of socially outstanding people

The Blues ( capitalized ) – popular manner of music sometimes characterized by melancholic tunes and words

Baby blues – Blue eyes ( besides see Bad bluish words )

Bad blue

Feeling bluish – feeling sad or depressed

Blue devils – feelings of depression

The blues ( non capitalized ) – depression, province of unhappiness

Blue Monday – feeling sad

Baby blues – post-partum depression

Singing the blues – deploring one ‘s fortunes

Blue Torahs – Torahs originally intended to implement certain moral criterions

Blue linguistic communication – profanity

Bluenose – puritanical person

Into the bluish – come ining the unknown or flight to parts unknown

Out of the bluish – unexpected ( could be positive or negative )


Orange is a powerful colour and increases appetency for nutrient. Orange besides stimulates creativeness. Orange colour has a particular healing belongingss. Orange is vivacious. It ‘s a combination of ruddy and yellow so it portions some common properties with those colourss. It denotes energy, heat, and the Sun. But orange has a spot less strength or aggression than ruddy, calmed by the sunniness of yellow.

Nature of Orange:

As a warm colour orange is a stimulating – exciting the emotions and even the appetency. Orange can be found in nature in the altering foliages of autumn, the scene Sun, and the tegument and meat of citrous fruit fruit. Because orange is besides a citrous fruit colour, it can raise up ideas of vitamin C and good wellness.

Culture of Orange:

Orange brings up images of fall foliages, Cucurbita pepos, and ( in combination with Black ) Halloween. It represents the altering seasons so in that sense it is a colour on the border, the colour of alteration between the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

Using Orange:

The softer oranges such as Prunus persica are even friendlier, more soothing. Peachy oranges are less showy than their redder cousins but still energetic. In maintaining with its transitional visual aspect in nature, you might utilize sunglassess of orange to bespeak passage or a span between two opposing factors. Orange is frequently synonymous with fall yet the brighter oranges are a summer colour. Use sunglassess of orange for seasonal-themed autumn or summer stuffs.


Stimulates blood supply and energies nervousnesss. Color therapy is good for intervention of kidney, gall rocks, appendicitis.

Orange is symbol of bravery.

Orange is seen in many our natural environment such as in comeuppances, lifting and puting of Sun and vent. Orange is mentally stimulating every bit good as sociable. Use it to acquire people believing or to acquire them speaking.


Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growing, reclamation, wellness, and environment. On the impudent side, green is jealousy or enviousness ( jealous monster ) and rawness. Green occupies more infinite in the spectrum seeable to the human eyes. Green is a common colour as we see it in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life and everyplace.

Nature of Green:

Green is a reposeful colour with some of the same appeasement properties of bluish. Like bluish, clip moves faster in a green room. Green is colour of peace and ecology.

Culture of Green:

Green is the national colour of Ireland and is strongly associated with that state. Green besides has close associations with Islam. Because of all the green in nature the colour is evocative of Spring. Coupled with ruddy it ‘s a Christmas colour.

Using Green:

With both a heating and chilling consequence, the colour green denotes balance, harmoniousness, and stableness. Use several sunglassess of green for a fresh, Springtime feel. Olive green, besides called olive drab, is a non so dreary summery viridity that may hold military overtones for some people.

Green is a soothing and loosen uping colour. It helps take depression, jitteriness and anxiousness. Green bases for copiousness, wellness, balance, harmoniousness and stableness.

Good viridity

Green visible radiation – spell, permission to continue ( with a undertaking )

The green room – in theatre or telecastings it is the room where performing artists and invitees go to loosen up

Green pollex – good with workss

Greenback – US dollar measure, money

Greener pastures – something newer or better ( or perceived to be better ) , such as a new occupation

Bad green

Jealous monster – jealosy

Green with enviousness – covetous or covetous

Green – inexperienced, unseasoned, untrained

Greenhorn – novitiate, trainee, novice

Green around the gills – picket, sickly


Violet is a besides a cool colour. Violet shows the balance of ruddy stimulation and bluish composure. This colour is largely used in royal things and frequently liked by originative people.

Violet is a uplifting colour. Violet is good for quieting down head and nervousnesss. Violet colour offers a sense of spiritualty and encourages creativeness.

Violet is a colour with highest quiver. It is besides an challenging colour.

Peoples who like violet colour are outstanding in their occupations, they have great mental powers. They have a feeling of high quality and no concern for others. They are self giving and sensitive.

Violet is related to cryptic and spiritualty. Color of mourning in Thailand. Flowers like lavender, orchid which are violet in shadiness have a particular topographic point in nature. Purple bosom is a military ornament for soldiers wounded in conflict. Deep or Brighter violet shows profusion and romantic.

Violet when used in insides as decoratives it boosts creativeness and imaginativeness.


Color wheel is a manner to demo the agreement of colourss in a round signifier. It besides helps how to choose colourss.

Primary Colors

Red, Blue and Green are the primary colourss in colour wheel and these are the chief colourss beginning to acquire other colourss.


The colourss which are straight opposite to each other are called complimentary colour holding good contrast.


The colourss which are opposite and next to complimentary are called split complimentary colourss.


Tetrad means a group of four colourss which is formed when a square or rectangle is placed inside the colour wheel.


The colourss which is obtained when a trigon is placed inside the colour wheel is called triad colourss.


The four colourss which come in a line and portion the same belongingss are called correspondent colourss.


Value means the sum of brightness or darkness used in a colour.

To demo the value of colour we have used

Pure blue compared with cool, warm and pure Grey.

Pure yellow compared with cool, warm and pure Grey.

Pure green compared with cool, warm and pure Grey.

Pure red compared with cool, warm and pure Grey.

Dark – Scarlet compared with cool, warm and pure Grey.

Deep viridity