When Things Fall Apart Essay

In this novel. a batch of the traditional Igbo life is the manner it is because of the organized gender functions. Basically. all of Igbo life style is dependent on genders. like the word picture of offenses. and the different harvests that adult females and work forces turn. Men. in this civilization. are the stronger sex. Womans are seen as weak existences. but are respected for certain things they do. such as bearing kids. ( Shmoop )

The function of a adult male is to be able to supply for his household to populate and to be adept and strong in conflict. The function of a adult female is to be strictly a bride. to be an obedient married woman. and to hold many kids. They are responsible for family responsibilities. and for being submissive to their hubbies. ( Shmoop ) Women are emotional. while work forces are commanding and aggressive. Okonkwo. the supporter. “ruled his family with a heavy hand” and “his married womans. particularly the youngest. lived in ageless fright of his fiery pique. and so did his small children” ( 13 ) ( Baskaran ) .

When the seniors got together to hear about Okonkwo’s mission. “… they decided. as everybody knew they would. that the miss should travel to Ogbuefi Udo to replace his murdered married woman. As for the male child. he belonged to the kin as a whole. and there was no haste to make up one’s mind his fate” ( 12 ) . This shows how replaceable every adult female is. They don’t view adult females as human existences. but as indistinguishable objects who all have the same responsibilities. The boy’s destiny isn’t decided yet. while she has to give up her life for a offense she didn’t commit.

“Even as a small male child he had resented his father’s failure and failing. and even now he still remembered how he had suffered when a playfellow had told him that his male parent was _agbala_ . That was how Okonkwo foremost came to cognize that _agbala_ was non merely another name for a adult female. it could besides intend a adult male who had taken title” ( 13 ) . Bing called an ‘agbala’ is black because adult females are weaker than work forces in this civilization. Okonkwo is insulted that person might tie in him with ‘agbala’ .

Male childs are raised to believe they are better than adult females. Male childs grow up believing they are stronger and more of import than adult females are. Fathers raise their boies to be brave and to fear nil. Women raise their girls to be weak and soft. They are taught to see themselves as accoutrements for work forces. Okonkwo said. “I will non hold a boy who can non keep up his caput in the assemblage of the clan” ( 24 ) . Work force and adult females likewise accept how they are supposed to move. They know what is expected of them. Women don’t object to rinsing the dishes. cooking nutrient. and maintaining the house clean. Men turn yam and cut wood for fires. Womans are to works melons. beans. and maize. and work forces works yams. as “yam stood for manfulness. ” ( Ozumba )

When a female parent gives birth to a male child. the parents are happier. A son brings joy to his male parent because the boy will take on his responsibilities when his male parent dies. A son brings joy to his female parent because that means she will eventually hold her husband’s blessing. and will be good plenty for him. If the kid born is a miss. it’s like “tending other people’s vineries while your ain is unkempt” . ( Ozumba )

Okonkwo is afraid of holding any features that are relatable to adult females and similar to feminism. He hates anything feminine. and wants to be merely highly masculine. ( Shmoop ) He wants the same for his boies. Okonkwo would state his boies masculine narratives about blood and conflict. His girls heard narratives from his married womans about how to win the blessing of work forces. and how to transport themselves in order to delight their hubbies. Okonkwo’s boy. Nwoye. “somehow still preferred the narratives that his female parent used to tell… narratives of tortoise and his crafty ways… But he knew that they were for foolish adult females and kids. and he knew that his male parent wanted him to be a adult male. And so he feigned that he no longer cared for women’s narratives. And when he did this he saw that his male parent was pleased and no longer rebuked him or crush him” ( 38 ) . ( Ozumba )

In this civilization. gender functions are really intertwined into every twenty-four hours life. Daily jobs. your personal value. your personality. and many other things depend on your gender. Your gender determines how others will see you. Your responsibility as a member of a household depends on your gender. Your gender defines how you will be treated and what your life will by and large be.

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