Why is it that so many toys come from China

As the universe tries to come out of the recession, China is whizzing in front. China is the universe ‘s fastest turning economic system with an mean growing rate of 10 % for the past 30 old ages. WithA $ 8.77 trillionA ( in 2009 ) as its buying power para, the state is the universe ‘s 2nd largest economic system. It is presently the largest exporter and coming 2nd as importer, with a per capita income of $ 6,567. The two chief sectors of the economic system are agriculture and fabrication. China presently stands as the 2nd largest trading state behind United States and it is predicted to be the largest by the twelvemonth 2020.

The Chinese plaything industry has developed over the old ages. It was someplace in the early 1900 ‘s that the first plaything mills were set up that produced playthings from an unusual natural stuff – Sn! And It was during the 1980 ‘s that the Chinese plaything industry was capable of come ining the international market. Much of the recognition for the rapid growing goes to the liberalisation policies that were implemented in the twelvemonth 1979. Mass manufacturers of playthings have taken advantage of these policies and put up their mills in China due to the low operational costs and inexpensive labour. Presently, there are about 8000 plaything fabrication companies and more than 28000 types of playthings are manufactured. In 2006 entirely, China ‘s plaything industry accounted for 70 % of the international plaything industry. While companies prefer the low costs, consumers believe that “ Made in China ” means hapless quality criterions and they stand true to it. This industry is now the universe ‘s largest plaything maker and exporter.

Over the old ages the Chinese plaything industry has been typically export and labour orientated. Due to the highly low operating costs in China, many foreign plaything companies have carried out outsourcing to China and have their playthings manufactured in the state. One major illustration is Mattel, which will be talked about in more item subsequently. The toy market construction in China is arguably perfect competition, as there are no barriers to entry or go out, the playthings produced are fundamentally all of the same quality and are by and large homogeneous, due to the overall low costs the monetary values are by and large the same and the companies are monetary value takers and in conclusion there are many purchasers and Sellerss in the market, though most of them are both outside China. Local ingestion of playthings in the state is really low and at the minute this is what is maintaining the market the manner that it is. Many argue that in the following twosome of old ages the local ingestion is traveling to increase as more of the Chinese kids become more interested in plaything. This could really good alter the current construction of the market. Together with that possibility some besides feel that as the planetary recession affects more civilians this could besides cut down on plaything ingestion both locally and overseas.

Due to the figure of plaything callbacks that have occurred over the past twosome of old ages viz. in 2007. “ Mattel announced callbacks Tuesday for 9 million more Chinese-made playthings, including popular Barbie, Polly Pocket and “ Cars ” film points, and warned that more could be ordered off shop shelves because of lead pigment and bantam magnets that could be swallowed ”[ 1 ]. The ground the makers use lead pigment is because it costs about a 3rd of what non-lead pigment costs. This lead is really toxicant for immature kids and there were some instances in America where some kids were poisoned and some even admitted to hospital. President Barack Obama one time stated in one of his runs, that if it were in his power he would censor the import of Chinese playthings into the US.All this led to fingers to be pointed at the Chinese authorities. That is why in the same twelvemonth ( 2007 ) the authorities set up China Compulsory Certificate ( CCC ) . This CCC grade has now become compulsory for all merchandises on the Chinese market. It has criterions that have to be met by companies and is merely awarded to companies that adhere to the ordinances required for the certification. Over the old ages at that place has been an addition in studies that talk about the bad on the job conditions in the plaything mills and this has been seting uninterrupted force per unit area on China ‘s authorities. Most of the studies were from human-centered administrations that besides reported that certain companies were even using kids. Workers were being paid below the lower limit pay, their lodging was inhabitable with up to 22 people sharing a residence hall and they had truly long working hours. This all made the authorities measure in and to do certain that mills were runing in conformity with what the jurisprudence states, this chiefly being that there must be a contract in composing for each employee with certain issues that both the employer and employee are responsible for.

There are a figure of big local plaything fabrication companies in China. with some of the largest being Chenghai-Pengchang Toy, Hongma Toy, Yiwu Ruipai Import and Export, Ningbo Win-Top Trading Company. As the old ages progressed many US based international concerns could no more manufacture their merchandises in United States, the labour monetary values hiked up, Torahs and ordinances were enforced more strongly. International companies therefore set up their production workss in China due to the low labour and production cost. Some of the well known companies are Mattel, Sega, McDonalds, Lego, Disney and many more. Although there are Torahs and ordinances that have begun to be enforced in China, they still do non fit the 1s imposed in the US.

The Chinese plaything industry as aforementioned has grown enormously over the past two decennaries. Currently it is the largest maker and exporter of playthings, and produces up to two-thirds of the whole universe ‘s playthings. During the recession of 2008 and up to now, the industry has continued to turn significantly in footings of gross revenues. In 2006 the value of planetary gross revenues was US $ 68 billion and in 2010 US84.3 billion ( this will be shown in a graph ) .The gross revenues of China are the 3rd highest in the universe, behind USA and Japan. In China itself the plaything sector is turning and has become one of the states ‘ major industries. It employs around three million people and exports to over a 100 states. Although the existent gross revenues for China itself are less than those of USA and Japan one had to retrieve that fundamentally all of the playthings sold were manufactured on Chinese dirt.

As evident in the above graph there was a little dip in gross revenues during 2008, but since so the graph shows that this has continued to lift and is predicted to maintain lifting as more and more local ingestion of plaything is likely to increase as the Chinese kids ‘s demand for toys additions.


There are a figure of different playthings that are produced in the industry, these are:

Electronic playthings

Plush and stuffed playthings

Adult playthings


Plastic playthings

Puzzles and edifice sets

Transport playthings

Electrical playthings

Pet playthings

Intellectual and educational playthings

Wooden playthings

Remote control plaything

Model and illumination playthings

Balloon and inflatable

Ceramic playthings

Cartoon Character

Vehicle playthings

By and large the plush toys are the 1s that enjoy the most exports, particularly to Europe and America. Increasing demand from the more developed states is for rational and educational playthings, grownup playthings and the electrical plaything. The development states still have a high demand for the lower quality plastic playthings, but these are under force per unit area as they are more dearly-won to bring forth now due to the authorities ordinances mentioned earlier. Of late the grownup playthings are the 1s that are going most popular particularly in developed states and besides in China itself, this type of plaything is reasonably new to the market and is presently making really good. The industry will maintain turning every bit long as it keeps up with engineering and worldwide gustatory sensations.

As playthings are non necessities that are needed for mundane life, this makes the demand for them instead elastic. This means that a alteration in the monetary value of plaything will straight impact the demand for that peculiar plaything. Worldwide it is chiefly immature kids that demand these playthings produced in China, and as we all know immature kids ever have a alteration in gustatory sensation reasonably often. With this in head, we can all sort of figure out what sort of life rhythm most playthings have, and this a really short 1. In recent old ages and even beyond that the demand for plaything has been seasonal, and the highest is during the festive season which is fundamentally from late November to early January. During this period the supply of playthings must be high in order to run into the demand. Being seasonal demand, it is non merely during the gay season that demand is high but besides it rises when there is a sudden involvement in a peculiar plaything. Let ‘s state after a peculiar household film is released that has sketch or 3D characters that the kids truly bask, shortly after they will desire to hold these characters in the signifier of playthings and therefore all of a sudden demand for these playthings roars. This becomes a “ must hold ” plaything for a short period of clip and thenceforth is non wanted any more. Another manner that toy demand additions is by word of oral cavity, particularly by immature kids when they are playing with each other, demand has been caused to lift by this particularly when they have seen a telecasting advertizement and so speak about it. Along with demand over the old ages the supply of playthings in China has bit by bit been affected. With the lifting costs of bring forthing due to the Torahs the authorities has put in topographic point, some of the smaller makers have been forced to shut down. Due to the figure of callbacks the demand from the USA has reduced therefore supply for them has besides been reduced.

In 2004, China overtook Japan and became the universe ‘s 3rd largest exporter. As electronics and computing machines superseded agribusiness in footings of significance, the export composing of China transformed. Talking about the plaything industry entirely, its growing rate has been dramatic. There has been a 40 % addition every twelvemonth in the market since 2001. As mentioned earlier, most of the playthings produced are exported. On an norm, A Chinese kid spends merely $ 7 per annum on playthings when compared to the planetary norm of $ 40. Much of the export growing has been due to the low cost. But late, the cost of natural stuffs and labour has turned into a major concern for manufacturers. For illustration, ” In 2006, the monetary value of plastic was 23 % more than in 2005 ”[ 2 ].

Besides the cost, the safety criterions and steps introduced by states that import from China have thinned out the net income borders of plaything exporters. For the twelvemonth 2006, 22 billion Chinese playthings were sold. Several wellness issues were brought up refering the stuffs and chemicals used in the fabrication of Chinese playthings. Such an illustration is that of Mattel. In 2007, Mattel recalled more than 21 million playthings because of the possible menace of lead based pigment that was used. This posed a serious danger to the China ‘s repute. But surprisingly, exports sky rocketed during the first 10 months of 2007. The exports were deserving 7.1 billion ( HK $ 55.38 billion ) which was an addition by 20 % from the old twelvemonth. This shortly changed when the economic crisis hit the Chinese economic system. In 2008, exports amounted to 8.63 billion which was a lower growing rate of 1.8 % . The ground was simple. “ Toys are non a life necessity, so people ‘s demand for that sort of merchandise declined in the face of a inexorable economic state of affairs. ” During the same twelvemonth, many companies closed down which could non get by with the crisis and safety criterions. The twelvemonth 2009 was recorded as the worst for the Chinese plaything industry since the beginning of the planetary fiscal crisis. As safety of Chinese playthings continued to be questioned, India placed a prohibition on its imports of plaything from China for six months. Their exports valued merely 7.78 billion dollars ( a 10 % lessening from 2008 ) . While exports declined, domestic demand for Chinese playthings increased from 10 % to 15 % . Towards the terminal of the twelvemonth, public presentation improved as it was Christmas season. Many predicted that in the twelvemonth 2010, the economic status would better -and it so happened which worked out good for the plaything industry as it began to retrieve.

The major concerns in the Chinese plaything industry are: Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co. , Ltd, Xinhua Auto Model Co. , Ltd, Goldilocks Toys Holdings Co. , Ltd, Lung Cheong International Holdings Limited, Jiangsu Good babe Group, Intex Toys, Mattel, Hasbro and LEGO. There are the five major plaything fabrication parts in China ; Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Zhejiang. Most of the concerns aforementioned are located in the Guangdong part. This is the largest out of the five and this itself accounts for at least half of the worldwide plaything production. As mentioned before, Mattel is the universe ‘s largest plaything company and over two-thirds of its fabrication is done in China. Bing the largest it has continued to turn over the old ages and has the largest market portion non merely in China but worldwide excessively. Most of the local companies chiefly carry out fabricating for foreign concerns as original equipment fabrication ( OEM ) , therefore this makes them reasonably uncompetitive compared to the foreign concerns. Each of the five chief parts gives precedence to the industry of a certain type of plaything:

Guangdong- electrical

Jiangsu- plush

Shangdong- plush

Shanghai- plush

Zhejiang- wooden

More and more foreign companies are puting up offices in China and non merely outsourcing due to the turning market and the possible these companies see.

China-Inflation-Rate-Chart-000001.png[ I ]

The above tabular array shows China ‘s rising prices rate over recent old ages. One may be inquiring why China has rising prices if it is on norm the fastest turning economic system over recent old ages? As you can see in July 2009 the rising prices was at a depression of -2 % but as of October 2010 it rose to 4.4 % . The chief causes of rising prices have been due to the rise in nutrient monetary values and besides the low value of the Chinese Yuan ( CNY ) . For old ages the USA has been pressing the Chinese to appreciate its currency, earnestly if it has the 2nd largest economic system how so is the value of their currency so low. Currently US $ 1 is the equivalent of CNY6.6290, maintaining this rate and even deprecating it encourages foreign states to import. That is why so many playthings over the old ages have been exported due to low monetary values. In the plaything industry itself it has a really low net income border and are really sensitive to alterations in monetary values, hence this makes rising prices a existent concern for the plaything industry. Inflation besides causes uncertainness when budgets and prognosiss are made because it is really hard to foretell what the costs of for illustration, natural stuffs and labour will be in future, with rising prices nowadays in the environment.

China-Unemployment-Rate-Chart-000001.png[ two ]

The unemployment rate in China has been kept under control by the authorities in recent old ages. This is non truly the true image. It is a fact that China is the most thickly settled state in the universe intending even 4 % is truly a batch of people. In the plaything industry for twelvemonth ‘s companies relied on the inexpensive labour and paying workers below the lower limit pay since people were despairing for work. This has changed drastically due to the authorities ordinances on labour and employee rights. As mentioned earlier during 2007 there were a figure of plaything callbacks from USA, this in bend affected some employees as they had to go forth their occupations. By and large the plaything industry in China is really labour orientated and must maintain a close oculus on the unemployment informations.

untitled.bmp[ three ]

As of October 2010 alone China ‘s trade excess was recorded at a reeling US $ 27.1 billion. This is the highest in the universe and if one compares with the largest economic system it is flooring. The US has a trade shortage of US $ 380 billion. As mentioned this excess is chiefly due to the exports the state has made and the value of the CNY. Recently the president of the US Federal modesty said, “ Currency undervaluation by excess states is suppressing needed international accommodation and making spillover effects that would non be if exchange rates better reflected market basicss. ”[ 3 ]With the increased demand for imports in China the excess balance is likely to diminish in the close hereafter.

China-Interest-Rate-Chart-000002.png[ four ]

In October 2010 China for the first clip in three old ages hiked up the involvement rates from 5.31 % to 5.56 % . This move was seen by many economic experts as one to decelerate down rising prices and in the close hereafter to stabilise it. This move was besides a manner of promoting more people to put in China and even to hike the Chinese to salvage up their money. In relation to the plaything industry since increasing the involvement rates is a manner of decelerating down rising prices this therefore helps the plaything industry as explained earlier.

China-GDP-Growth-Rate-Chart-000002.png[ V ]

As shown above China ‘s GDP has slowed down during 2010. This slow down is chiefly caused by the general addition in rising prices. The lag is non a major concern for both the Chinese authorities or for the plaything industry because it is non really important. Many economic experts say it is really a good thing that the GDP is non increasing at an dismaying rate for that could intend a sudden bead that could be similar to the planetary recession.

So we have looked at the Chinese plaything industry in item and there are some chief points that will be emphasized in this decision. First, we have seen and have made it reasonably clear that the plaything industry in China is by far the largest in the universe, with the chief accent in the market being exports. Over the old ages the industry has supplied playthings to practically the whole universe and chiefly to USA which is the largest importer. These exports have been somewhat affected due to a figure of callbacks from USA and a prohibition from India. Another ground exports have been affected is due to a rise in the costs of fabricating the plaything. It is lifting chiefly due to the authorities ordinances that have been put in topographic point, viz. CCC. The merchandises China industries were besides listed and we noted that grownup playthings are the 1s that demand is increasing for and besides the rational and educational plaything for which demand is lifting from the more developed states. Plush playthings have continued to bask good exports over the old ages and are likely to go on basking it. In footings of gross revenues of playthings in China, they are still reasonably low in comparing to the USA and Japan although it is predicted that in the close future domestic gross revenues of playthings will increase as over 20 % of the population is less than 15 old ages of age, many economic experts see enormous potency in the domestic plaything market. Trends in supply and demand were discussed and it was noted that both of these are seasonal chiefly affected by the “ large ” shopping periods that take topographic point. Many of the concerns in China have been affected by the addition in costs and the rigorous ordinances that the authorities has implemented, some of the smaller 1s even closed down due to these grounds. Mattel and Hasbro, the largest plaything companies in the universe all now have offices in China and non merely makers that carry out OEM for them. Most of the mills in China carry out the fabrication for foreign companies. At the minute the status of the Chinese economic system as a whole is non assisting the plaything industry due to the rising prices. As mentioned the plaything industry is really monetary value sensitive, but with the current addition in involvement rates this should decelerate down the rising prices. As a whole the Chinese plaything industry is looking really good with range for even more growing and is progressively going a major participant in the growing of the Chinese economic system. The one major factor that could impede the plaything industry in the state is if the CNY is appreciated which would do imports more expensive for foreign states.