William Shakespeare wrote the prologue making sure

William Shakespeare wrote the prologue making sure that tragic fate was successful to introduce the conflicts of the play. The prologue is an Elizabethan sonnet which builds up themes of death conflict love and fate. “Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean,” here the audience is told that civilians in the story fight until someone is injured badly or dead. Elizabethans believed in astrology and throughout the whole prologue, they talk about fate telling us that there are going to be some deaths which cannot be prevented. Using such an effect tortures the audience by keeping them in suspense and asking questions.
The constant reminder of death being fate in the story is presented in different ways. “Star crossed lovers take their life.” Meaning two lovers are destined for death. The prologue allows the audience to know something that the characters don’t, this is called dramatic irony and Shakespeare uses this efficiently so they he doesn’t say too much of the story to quick “Doth with their death bury their parents strife.” Romeo and Juliet’s love is the only thing that will stop the family feud.