Winston Smiths Actions Throughout The Novel English Literature Essay

Unlike the other citizens of Oceania, Winston inquiries the authorization of Big Brother. He realized that the authorities brainwashed everyone, and that many things they came up with were ne’er logical. Winston felt their force “ buffeting against your encephalon, scaring you out of your beliefs, carrying you, about, to deny the grounds of your senses ” , and grasped what Big Brother was able to make ( 82 ) . Winston wondered if Big Brother was able to command everyone ‘s head to believe expressions wholly out of common sense. Winston ‘s independency subdivisions from when he knew that he was right and the Party was incorrect. He put bravery in himself here to support the truth, no affair what the authorities would state to turn out him incorrectly. He decides to set an attempt against Big Brother at this point in order to contend for his ain rights.

A miss that Winston had been leery about bumped into him deliberately and gave him a note. Winston was about certain that she was portion of the Thought Police, and believed the note was a menace from the authorities. Deciding to open the note, “ though he knew really good the danger of demoing excessively much involvement ” , he read the note to see that the words “ I love you ” were for good inked on the paper ( 110 ) . This left Winston shocked, experiencing uneasy because he hardly knew the miss. New ideas circled in his head about her, go forthing him troubled that the Thought Police may happen out. Again, Winston attempts another act against the authorities cognizing he could confront penalty from it. Opening the note here showed that Winston can do determinations on his ain every bit good as his courage to conceal secrets from the Thought Police.

With Winston ‘s new spouse in offense, he is able to escalate his indignation towards Big Brother. He committed an act that “ was a blow struck against the party ” , with no pure love or lecherousness ( 129 ) . The brush with Julia was merely another misdemeanor that would anger the authorities. Winston comprehended that the simple desire to make this with Julia could interrupt the Party up. This was another measure towards his individualism because the Party positions this action with much antipathy. The attempt against the authorities would add more tenseness between the followings of Big Brother and Winston.

Winston was ne’er fond of his married woman because they shared so many differences between each other. His married woman, Katherine, would get down any information the authorities gave- whether they were true or non. This left Winston uneasy every clip he was with his married woman. If she was smart plenty to calculate out that his sentiments were wholly unconventional, she would ‘ve instantly denounced him to the Thought Police. All of this led Winston to a twenty-four hours when he and his married woman were entirely together. He thought approximately killing her, but ne’er did. Reflecting back on the twenty-four hours, “ I would hold, if I ‘d been the same individual that I am now ” , groking how much bitterness he has now for anyone who favored the Party, even if it was his married woman ( 137 ) . Thinking about killing his married woman shows Winston ‘s ability to move as an single even though the authorities regulations against anyone ‘s ain sentiments.

Winston knew no affair what he did, he would be caught sooner or subsequently by the Thought Police, so he continued to arise against the Party. When he found the sleeping room above Mr.Charrington ‘s store, Winston understood that he had to maintain it safe and concealed from the Thought Police. He decided it would be his love matter room, one that he ‘d portion with Julia. The room was perfect and secure, and with no telescreens in sight, he had “ privacyaˆ¦ a really valuable thing [ that ] needed to be concealed at all costs ” ( 140 ) . Using this room was the biggest hazard Winston would confront, but it showed his deepest passion to support himself and his beliefs. The act here shows Winston ‘s battle against Big Brother because he knew how easy it would be to acquire caught by the Thought Police. Using this room depicts Winston ‘s growing of new independency and dividing himself from others.

When Winston and Julia both agreed to run into at O’Brien ‘s topographic point, they already faced terrible dangers. Neither of them realized though the hazard that came from their honestness to O’Brien. Winston and Julia agreed they would perpetrate to “ anything which is likely to do demoralisation and weaken the power of the Party ” , which by no uncertainty, accepting to this would do terrible penalty ( 176 ) . This shows their bravery to talk out about their feelings toward the Party. Winston develops a false sense of hope here that he would be able to contend and win against the authorities with O’Brien by his side. Winston shows his battle against the authorities here because showing his feelings to O’Brien could do him to be denounced to the thought Police.

As a Rebel, Winston was already forced to execute many tough undertakings in order to accomplish his goal- to rip off and destruct the Party. Successfully obtaining the book from O’Brien, he began to read the book in Mr.Charrington ‘s store. Everything the book contained showed Winston ‘s thoughts in words. But non merely did he bask the book, he “ appreciated the fact that he was reading, in comfort and safety ” , with no telescreen in sight ( 189 ) . Reading the book gave Winston new penetration, farther assisting him to understand the truth behind the Party. This gave Winston more confidence in himself and his sentiment. He besides knew though that if he got caught reading the book, he would automatically confront terrible penalties. The book Winston read contained about all of the beliefs and sentiments that the Party was against.

Winston, even after being caught, continued to stand for his beliefs. O’Brien forced Winston to reflect back on all of his old actions. Even after cognizing all of the hurting he must digest, Winston stuck to what he knew was right. He comprehended that even if “ the Party says that it is non four but five, so he still must state four ” ( 257 ) . Knowing the torment involved with remaining true to his ain judgement shows his ability to support his sentiments from the Party. Winston ‘s independency is all that he longs for because he knows that everyone has the right to believe for themselves. Digesting the hurting every clip he speaks what he feels illustrates his finding to contend and win against Big Brother.

Winston battles for every bit long as he can in order to acquire his thoughts across to the Party. Even though it was inevitable that he would neglect, he tries one last clip to support his beliefs. Winston ‘s “ true feelings toward Big Brother ” was still full of hatred ( 292 ) . O’Brien understands and puts him through a concluding trial, which he fails to follow with. Winston ever tried his hardest to stand for his ain independency, unlike everyone else in is community. Even though he did n’t win, he suffered through much trouble to continue and support everyone ‘s right to believe and talk what they feel. Knowing that he would stop up like everyone else in the terminal, he wanted a concluding word for freedom before accepting the regulations of Big Brother.