Women In the Squires Tale

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer depicts the lives, personalities and societal standings of people during the in-between ages. Chaucer used linguistic communication as a manner to allow the reader know what he thought about the character ‘s instruction and life. One character that Chaucer plays the function as is the Squire. The squire is a handsome, immature boy of a knight who tries to win the bosom of adult females. In The Squire ‘s Tale, a knightly love affair told by an blue blood, a cryptic knight delivers three gifts to the male monarch of Tartary, King Cambuskan. There was a blade, a mirror, and a ring, each one holding charming powers. The one talked about most in the narrative is the ring, given to Cambuskan ‘s girl, Canace. Through the power of the ring, Canace she is able to pass on with birds and utilize herbs to assist mend people. In many ways throughout The Squire ‘s Tale the subjects of love and the intervention of adult females are portrayed.

Chaucer depicts the subject of the intervention of adult females in The Squire ‘s Tale. Canace finds a falcon who is wholly heartbroken. The falcon negotiations about a hawk who she gave her bosom to merely to hold him go forth her. With the usage of a metaphor, the falcon describes how conniving the hawk was towards her, ever feigning that he truly loved her. And has every bit freely given my bosom as he/ Had sworn his ain was given up to me, / Straightaway this tiger with his dual heart/ Fell on his articulatio genuss and played the low portion ( Chaucer 403 ) . The subject of intervention of adult females is farther examined when the falcon explains that the hawk had left her.

Man by his nature seeks new-fangledness ;

As do those birds that people keep in coops ;

One cares for them day-long and one engages

To acquire them straw as just and soft as milk

And gifts of sugar, honey, staff of life and milk

Yet on the blink of an eye that the slide is up,

The pes will reject off from the proffered cup

And to the forests they fly for worms to eat,

Such is their yearning for new-fangled meat ( Chaucer 405 )

The falcon is utilizing a simile to compare work forces and birds. Her comparing shows that both can non defy the enticement to travel off and seek something new and exciting, no affair how good their comrade treats them. One twenty-four hours he saw a kite upon the wing/ And all of a sudden he felt a love so hot/ For this same kite my love was clean forgot, ( Chaucer 405 ) , she is stating that one time the hawk saw something new and different, he instantly abandoned her even though he said he loved her, she had now been forgotten and replaced. The subject of the intervention of adult females is apparent in The Squire ‘s Tale, demoing that adult females were disposable to work forces.

Canace ‘s compassion towards the falcon throughout her narrative shows the subject of love. Canace had sat at that place listening to the injured falcon state her narrative of how her lover had treated her. She felt the demand to mend her and attention for her until she was afresh.

Canace bore her homeward in her lap ;

In softest plasters she began to wrap

The falcon ‘s lesions that her ain beak had torn,

And Canace went diging Eve and forenoon

For herbs out of the land ; new ointments she made

From cherished grasses of the finest shadiness

To mend her hawk, so both twenty-four hours and dark

She lavished on her all the attention she might. ( Chaucer 406 )

She showed loved towards this hapless, brokenhearted falcon and brought her place until she could be on her ain. The love the Canace showed towards the falcon, allow the falcon believe that she could love once more, and she did.

The Squire ‘s Tale showed illustrations of both subjects of love and the intervention of adult females. Through Canace ‘s love and compassion, the falcon has the opportunity to go who she one time was. Canace exemplified the subject of love with the manner she treated the falcon by nursing her and listening to her heartbreaking narrative. The subject of the intervention of adult females is shown throughout the narrative of the falcon ‘s relationship with the hawk and how he decided she was non good plenty any longer and needed something new. This narrative truly shows that even though there are people in the universe who treat others ill, there are besides people who are willing to assist, even if it is merely by listening.