Wordsworth making nature the focus of focus

Wordsworth does non give world for nature. He talks about world through nature. He alludes to existent issues in London.Poets like Wordsworth Romanticism was a literary motion in the late 1800 ‘s to 1900 ‘s it marks a clip where there was a break down in the construction and intent of society. Romantics accent on the dream of the universe and single experience and reading and no longer looks at the church and tradition since it became a intuition in that period, the church was seen a being corrupt. This led poets like Wordsworth to turn to Pantheism where one would believe that God is apart of the existence and non separated from it. Romantic literature uses airy or antic imagination it became common particularly in poesy.

In the verse form London 1802 Wordsworth speaks about the province London was in. He cries out to Milton, a poet and a good speechmaker, who Wordsworth compares his voice to a sea “ a voice whose sound was like the sea ” demoing how powerful he is with his words that it may be possible for him to give back some signifier of moral, virtuousness and nationalism that London have been missing.Wordsworth went as far a describing London as a ‘fen of dead Waterss ‘ his pick of words suggest that England is foul and have nil good about it ; no ethical motives. The pick of word besides evokes an organic imager and a feeling of disgust. Everything good in England became dead ; still, about lifeless. Religion, government/ military organic structures and authors which are critical establishments to England helps to make the “ stench ” of London due to their selfishness non merely them but the people of England and their corrupted head which has been lost to modernness. Milton, to Wordsworth was an component of nature as he compares Milton psyche to a star ‘soul was like a star ‘ and his psyche to be every bit ‘pure as the bare Eden ‘ qualifying Milton to be high, about like a supreme being holding a batch of values, pureness ( clean ) and holding ethical motives unlike the people with corrupted heads, locked off from the ‘real ‘ truth and non the 1 handed down ‘truth ‘ from critical establishments as the church and tradition and it is he who that can learn the people ‘manners, virtuousness, freedom and power ‘ if he should lift up from the dead. This was something with poets who wrote in romantics they interpret experience instead than handed down tradition. Although Wordsworth emphasizes on the province of England in ‘London 1802 ‘ there is no grounds that he sacrifice world for ruse or pretension ; he alludes to the truth through nature.

Another verse form in which Wordsworth does non give world for ruse is “ The universe is excessively much with us. ” In this poem Wordsworth is upset that the people of England merely cares about doing and passing money ; the sum of greed they have for it. Wordsworth life seemed out of control since he was caught up with the political relations between France and England as the people of England was caught up with elements of mundane life as he non merely says them but ‘us ‘ . They lose their love for nature the lone thing that really belongs to them, the simpler things of life except Wordsworth who has a relationship with nature and this therefore, presents struggle between nature and humanity for the people of England. The “ seamy blessing ” which they have given is ‘hearts ‘ is the mercenary advancement of world. Humanity has become self-involved and can no longer believe clearly. ‘Sea that bares her bosom to the Moon ‘ nowadayss an imagination that could be England, the Mother, is exposed to nature which is linked with the celestial spheres and the linking rhyming line ‘out of melody ‘ shows that nature is overrun without cognizing and helpless. Wordsworth describes the people as ‘sleeping flowers ‘ for flowers are apparently peaceable and quiet and this would show a contrast in the line ‘the air current that would be ululating at all hours ‘ could be the noise coming mills doing a deficiency of integrity with nature as it disrupts them to even acquire that connexion which is expose but one can non see clearly because of their greed. “ I, standing on this pleasant lea, have glances that would do me less forlorn ” , show Wordsworth as a visionary who is non responsible for the devastation of nature Wordsworth hope for a alteration as he uses Grecian Gods that symbolises something with nature ‘the Proteus coming from sea ‘ would be a sea God altering his visual aspect which could assist to forestall farther dainties make by world. Wordsworth uses another Grecian God Triton who would ‘blow his garland horn ‘ symbolizing the economy of nature since he is the mater of the sea and it could be called for a new beginning.

In the verse form ‘composed upon Westminster Bridge ‘ , Wordsworth point out to nature by stating how he is in Awe with nature than the people of England. Wordsworth as a romantic poet begins with a flooring statement ‘Earth had non anything to prove more just ‘ he is non even talking of nature but the metropolis. Wordsworth goes to state how beautiful the metropolis is naked. A metropolis absent of human behavior even the ‘ships, towers, domes, theaters and temples lie ‘ he gives personification to non merely the Sun, river, house but the metropolis every bit good. He is in such awe that he said one psyche would be dull ; lifeless, and dead interior, if they were n’t in awe excessively. Nature is awake and more beautiful to anyone who is non caught up with the break and corruptnesss of integrity with adult male and nature. One who is caught up with mundane bunco and pandemonium would non be able to be genuinely connected with nature until all of those are at remainder. Wordsworth himself have ne’er seen nature looking so beautiful and bosom gaining control ‘Never did the Sun more attractively steep ‘ and ‘Ne’er proverb I, ne’er felt, a composure so deep ‘ by this he present how staccato one is with nature and caught up in world.

In decision Wordsworth does non give world for ruse by doing nature the focal point of his work he hence, alludes to world and non anything R of pretension. Wordsworth present the world of how the people of England are non at one with nature and his verse forms showing existent life issue with the province if England in his clip.

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